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Balboa ATC Panama we are part of AAC, we provide air traffic control services, approach and Enroute Radar Control.We have been in the AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL business for more than 35 years we provide air traffic control services, Safety and air separation to our users around the world, with great expectations about airspace management with safety and security , and look forward to many more successful years. Let us put our experience to work for you.!!!  Somos parte de la autoridad de Aeronautica Civil de Panama. Estamos en ésta tarea desde hace más de 35 años, siempre en Búsqueda de la Seguridad  de la Aviacion Mundial siempre dentro de un servicio Óptimo y de Calidad.

Because there are many variables involved, it is virtually impossible to develop a standard list of duty priorities that would apply uniformly to every conceivable situation. Each set of circumstances must be evaluated on its own merit, and when more than one action is required, controllers shall exercise their best judgment based on the facts and circumstances known to them. That action which is most critical from a safety standpoint is performed first.